Go on, drive all over us. As a major supplier of bitumen binders for the roading industry, we love every bit of it.

When we say major, we mean it. We supply to major roading companies building and maintaining New Zealand’s roads.

Z Energy is a key supplier of Bitumen to the NZ market and import 100% from the US, Asia and the Med in a range of ships from 6-10 million litres of bitumen out of Asia to 16 million litre ships out of the USA and supply this into our customers tanks around the NZ coastline.

As you can imagine we need to work in closely with supply to ensure we maximise the customer experience of our customers and they play a critical part in ensuring they have the right bitumen at the right place at the right time, optimising the storage industry model that we have in place.

A comprehensive supply network is only one part of the equation with all our products supplied to the government Waka Kotahi M1A and M01;2020 specification and meeting the performance graded specifications of today’s market so that our customers have the confidence that that our bitumen does perform.

All our bitumen is sold in bulk, heated to your requirements and available at six depots around New Zealand giving you convenient nationwide coverage.

Contact us about bitumen, or find out more with our bitumen safety data sheets.