Co-Driver is a new smartphone app developed by Z, designed to help our customers stay safe on the road.

The Co-Driver app helps drivers maintain a safe speed by alerting them when the speed limit decreases, or if they go over the limit. It also gives drivers information about their driving behaviour to help them understand how they currently drive and how they can improve.

How it works

The Co-Driver app works with the help of the Co-Driver "beacon", a small device you’ll place in your vehicle which sends Bluetooth signals to your phone to let the Co-Driver app know when you’ve started driving. When you drive into a lower speed zone, or if you go over the speed limit, you’ll hear different audio alerts from your smartphone, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings and adjust your driving accordingly.

You’ll get scores out of 100 based on your driving performance, and weekly and monthly summaries of your driving patterns. We want to reward drivers who go the extra mile to make New Zealand’s road safer. That’s why Z will give the best drivers each week all sorts of rewards at Z. It’s all about helping drivers stay safe and aware on the roads.

About the trial

We’re currently trialing the Co-Driver app to find out what our customers think.

Registrations for the Co-Driver trial have closed, but if you'd like to know more, get in touch with the team at

Frequently asked questions

  • Why has Z developed Co-Driver?

    We’re committed to creating value for our customers and continually providing new solutions to meet their needs. Co-Driver is one demonstration of this commitment - we believe it will help customers stay safer on the road and save money on fuel.

  • Do I have to have my smartphone on all the time while I’m driving?

    Yes. Your smartphone must be on for Co-Driver to record your journey data. As long as you have Bluetooth and GPS on, the app will automatically start recording a trip when your vehicle begins moving.

  • How will Co-Driver affect things like phone battery life, cell reception etc.?

    Co-Driver can cause some minor battery drain on your phone, most of which comes from using your GPS during a trip. If you're heading out on a long journey, we recommend using an in-car charger to minimise this impact.

    Co-Driver uses very little of your mobile data as the app completes lots of processing on your phone, rather than sending lots of data over the mobile network. Any large files will be sent over WiFi as to not use up your data.

  • What data does Co-Driver collect?

    Co-Driver captures data on your vehicle’s journeys including things like when you drove, where you went and how long it took you. The app also captures data on your driving, including your speed.

  • How much does it cost?

    There’s no cost to use Co-Driver during the trial.