Z partners with emerging Kiwi rally talent

31/07/2012 - Fuels

In June, Z Energy announced a sponsorship partnership with emerging Kiwi rally talent, Hayden Paddon. Hayden placed 12th at the recent New Zealand leg of the FIA World Rally Championship in Auckland and is a real star of the future.

Z Energy Fuels Marketing Manager, Tim Rosenbrook, said he was thrilled for Z to be supporting a young Kiwi driver who is making great progress on the world rally stage. “We reckon Hayden will be a great Z brand ambassador and role model for young Kiwis.” Tim also felt that it was a great opportunity for Z to see Hayden putting the ZX Premium fuel through its paces.

“Our agreement will see Z support Hayden’s demanding world rally circuit campaign, with Hayden in return assisting Z in the promotion of Z’s fuels portfolio, including our brand new 95 octane ZX Premium fuel,” said Tim.

Hayden said it was great for his team to establish a partnership with Z Energy as a leading local company. “We share common Kiwi values and what Z is trying to achieve in New Zealand mirrors the success we are trying to achieve in the World Rally Championship.”

Tim Rosenbrook said Hayden was particularly impressive due to his clarity of goals, including his aim to be World Rally Champion in 2015, and the clear commitment to his career path.


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