People Profile - Danusia Wypych

29/06/2012 - People profiles

People Profile - Danusia Wypych

Meet Danusia Wypych, our Sustainability Manager.


Z Career: Last year, after Mike (CEO) and Lindis (Commercial General Manager) each took a knock to the head, it was decided to hire a Sustainability Manager. No seriously, there are critical financial viability and environmental impacts we need to address. Working with the integrated Z team, my job is to get us match fit so we can reduce our environmental impact and ensure the long term success of transport energy in NZ. What we move and how we move might change over the years to come but Z plays a key role in powering NZ on the move.

Over the past 9 months we started getting our own corporate operations in order and set ourselves some ambitious sustainability goals for 2015 including working with customers to increase their fuel efficiency, leading the supply of biofuels in NZ and reducing the impacts of our products and business. How serious are we? Check it out in our annual report. We'll progress, measure and report on our sustainability goals each year.

Favourite part of the job: I love the challenge in the variety of the role. One day it's "how could we make fuel from trees?” the next it's working on recycling at retail sites or reducing the rubbish from our offices.

If I'm allowed two favourites, I’ll add the expertise and intensity of the customers I meet and the expert colleagues I work with. You always have to bring your A game.

Vision for the future of Z Energy: Z is NZ's most sought after supplier for transport energy. We've earned a reputation for delivering value to customers and innovating NZ's transport energy with them.

Hobbies/Interests outside of work: My three young boys keep me out of trouble and in-touch with concussion care, Lego and computer games. I completed my first triathlon this year as part of my commitment to support a friend's weight loss. Now I'm staring down my fear of swimming in the sea most Sunday mornings. In a wetsuit - it is Wellington.

If I end up with time on my hands and sun in the sky you'll find me out in the garden.


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