Safe refuelling – are you doing the right thing?

28/05/2012 - Health and safety

Z is committed to Zero Harm. This means that we do everything we can to reduce the risk of an incident happening where someone gets hurt. One of the ways we do this is by having rules we need our customers to follow, especially at our service stations and truck stops.

Recently, a Z Card customer came onto one of our service stations. They tried to fill a 60 litre metal drum in the back of their 4x4. The customer was asked to cease from doing this as it was creating three serious safety concerns.

When filling containers it is imperative to only use approved containers. Filling non-approved containers is illegal and unsafe. The second safety hazard is it is Z policy that we fill up to 25 litre containers only. Fuelling large containers could result in injuries when moving them from the vehicle to the ground and back again.

What is most worrying with this incident, is that the container was being filled in the back of the vehicle. Containers should not be filled on a truck deck, trailer, ute, or in car boots. Doing so can create static electricity and result in a fire. Under certain conditions, static discharge from some types of clothing and material in your vehicle may ignite petrol vapours. The container must be grounded on the forecourt to reduce the risk of static electricity reacting with the fuel vapours.

Of even more concern, was that the Forecourt Concierge asked the customer to stop what they were doing, but they refused. Our staff are trained in the safety and environment risks of operating on a forecourt and any requests they make need to be followed for the safety of all those on the forecourt.

You can fill some containers at our sites, and in a safe way. To ensure you do this you must:

  • Fill into an approved container. This is a container that has an appropriate sealing cap, is made of metal or a durable plastic that will not react with the fuel and is clearly labelled or marked to identify the fuel and the potential hazards eg “petrol – highly flammable”. Remember this also has to be under 25 litres in capacity.
  • Place the container on the forecourt to fill. This reduces the risk of vapours reacting with static electricity which could cause a fire.
  • Make sure containers can be transported safely once filled.

If you need any help or advice about filling your container safely then you can ask one of our Z Forecourt Concierges who are on site between 10am and 5pm daily.

And if you have any questions about what is an approved container then you can visit or contact your Z Account Manager.

We have the right legally to close any Z Card account for any reason. While we wouldn’t make this decision lightly, we definitely would look to do it in the case of customers not complying with our health and safety rules and putting other people or themselves in danger.


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