Taking off with Z General Aviation

30/11/2012 - Z updates

At Z we’re committed to making a difference for our customers, and we reckon we have the best people to make it happen. We want to welcome Barry Griffin back into the role of General Aviation Account Manager. For those of you that don’t know, general aviation is responsible for the servicing of a number of regional and provincial airfields which support aviation customers from helicopter contractors to top dressers.

Barry has a couple of passions – looking after his customers and the aviation industry (especially helicopters) are some of them, so this role is almost tailor made for him! Barry looks forward to hearing your feedback over the next 12 months as Z redefines how we service our Z aviation customers.

You can contact Barry (Griff) directly on 027 277 1103 or any time.

Changes to the aviation network

Over the next 12 months you will see a number of changes to Z’s general aviation network, as Z pursues its strategy to be a world class business in New Zealand, delivering world class service.

When Infratil and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund purchased this business it also purchased a number of aging aviation facilities that were in need of replacement or removal.

Now, more than two years on as a standalone Kiwi company, Z has just committed $1.7 million dollars for airfield tank replacements.

What does it mean for the South Island?

  • Invercargill, Alexandra, Timaru and Rangiora will all get new Avgas tanks.
  • Invercargill and Alexandra will get new Jet A1 tanks.
  • Timaru Jet will also get a new refuelling island off the mail terminal for easier access for small aircraft and helicopters.

What does it mean in the North Island?

  • Wellington Airport has a couple of aging tanks that will be removed so we will be changing one of our two Jet to Avgas. This means the customer can choose between Jet and Avgas.
  • Dargaville and Whitianga will receive new Avgas tanks.
  • Bridge Pa in Hawke’s Bay will get new Jet tanks.

So as you can see, this is a big programme of work which reflects our commitment to our Kiwi aviation customers.

In the interests of being straight up, there are some locations which we can no longer afford to keep through a combination of very low fuel volumes and aging tanks. We will be exiting sites at Greymouth Jet, Masterton Avgas, Taumarunui Jet, and Whakatane Avgas.

There are a smaller number of projects across the country that you will see on your travels, but these are all designed to make it easier for you, our customer.

Z is also currently working on a project to upgrade the card readers which will also be designedo to make your Z experience a better one. This will be subject to a further announcement, but until then ‘happy and safe flying’.


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