Making safety about people

31/10/2012 - Health and safety

We’ve recently appointed two ‘human factors’ specialists to help us boost our health and safety performance. Dr Kathleen Callaghan and Bridget Mintoft previously with the Auckland University School of Medicine Human Factors Group joined us at the beginning of September. Human Factors is “the science which aims to optimise the effectiveness, efficiency and safety with which work is carried out by people.”

"Harnessing the expertise of these two experts will help us work towards our commitment to run a Zero Harm business and at the same time make a real contribution to safety in New Zealand," Z’s Chief Executive Mike Bennetts says.

Kathleen and Bridget will work in house with us to enhance our staff performance around health and safety. "We see bringing these two leaders in occupational health and safety into Z as an opportunity to generate some leadership and debate around turning around New Zealand's decidedly average workplace safety statistics," Bennetts says.

"If you put people at the forefront of your thinking, and you do everything you can to maximise human strengths while minimising human weaknesses, you get everything," Callaghan says. "You get healthier people, safer working people, more productivity, and you get happier people in the work place.”


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