All shook up

23/08/2013 - Z updates

All shook up

July was a month full of unwanted energy. Not the type we love at Z, but seismic energy that made us all a bit nervous. The large earthquake and aftershocks centred near Seddon in the Cook Strait had us all flying under desks, and doorways. The Z head office is down on Wellington’s waterfront on re-claimed land so we got shaken pretty hard, but thankfully the damage caused was superficial. A few cracks in the plaster and a mess of papers all over the floor, plus a lot of smashed cups and plates.

Overall we were pleased with the way our building performed through the quakes, but it highlighted areas we need to improve and we thought you might find these learnings helpful:

• Place heavy items close to the floor to avoid cabinets being tipped over

• Have a plan with family about meeting places.

• Operate a “tidy desk” policy. People who do this in our office had much less mess to clean up and sort.

• Our VPN connection that allows us to work out of the office over-loaded with nearly 200 people trying to work from home. We need to address this.

• Don’t leave half-drunk cups of coffee on your desk, they make a mess!


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