Z’s Sylvia Park Road truck stop re-opens 23 December with Z DEC!

18/12/2013 - Z updates

Z’s Sylvia Park Road truck stop re-opens 23 December with Z DEC!

The Z Mt Wellington truck stop on Sylvia Park Road, Auckland, will be back online from 23 December.

It will have been re-tanked to keep it going for years to come and, more excitingly, it’ll also have Z Diesel Emission Cleaner, Z DEC for short.

What’s Z DEC?

Z DEC is a diesel exhaust fluid that, in conjunction with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, is designed to help you reduce your vehicle emissions (namely nitrogen oxides). Many major engine manufacturers have chosen SCR technology as a way forward to meet emission reduction targets and, as part of our commitment to sustainability, innovation and supporting the future of commercial road transport, so have we.

Z DEC makes life on the road easy. It’s available at selected Z truck stops, creating one stop if you've got a SCR vehicle. It can be used in all SCR vehicles and you can put it on your Z Card, so you only need one card for your diesel and diesel exhaust fluid fills. Z Card also gives you reporting and controls through Z Card Online.

Where can I get it?

Z DEC is available at Z Sanson on State Highway 1, Sanson, and from 23 December at Z Mt Wellington truck stop, Sylvia Park Road, Auckland. We’re currently investigating other truck stops where we’ll have Z DEC available.

To find your nearest Z truck stop with Z DEC check out our site locater at

Are your Z Cards ready for Z DEC?

To switch on your Z Card(s) for Z DEC, give us a call on 0800 474 355, or drop us an email at to have Z DEC enabled on your Z Card. We just need to which cards.

Like more information? Speak with your customer relationship manager or drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch.


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