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22/02/2013 - Business advice

At Z we're committed to providing you with a service that enables you to manage your fleet as easily and safely as possible. That’s why we set up Smart Alerts. Smart Alerts is a limit set on an individual card that if breached; you get sent an email advising you of the breach with a link attached enabling you to view the alert report. This means you have more control of your drivers’ spend and allows you to investigate any misuse of cards at the time it happens.

The alerts we offer are:

Incorrect/missing odometer - lets you know when a driver has failed to record their odometer reading.

Transaction count per period - allows you to set a threshold for the total number of transactions that can occur on a particular card within a set timeframe. For example, if certain vehicles in your fleet should only require one fill per day, an alert can be set to advise you when that card is used for two or more transactions in a day. A useful tool to assist the prevention of fuel theft on your account.

Total fuel volume per period - similar to the above, this allows you to set an alert to advise you if a card has been used to purchase more litres of fuel than the set limit. Many customers find it useful to set these alerts at the same figure as the fuel tank capacity on the vehicle corresponding to the card. For example, if a vehicle has a 350 litre tank, the card for that vehicle can have an alert set to advise you if the card is ever used to purchase more than 350 litres. Again, helping you to identify and prevent fraudulent activity.

Maximum transaction value - this limit will advise you if a set maximum spend limit is reached on any particular card, assisting you to identify where expenditure greater than your expectations is taking place.

Total spend per period - similar to the above alert, this alert allows you to identify when a card has reached a certain / set spend limit within a particular time frame i.e. daily, weekly or monthly.

Maximum transaction volume - this alert is similar to Maximum Transaction Value. However, rather than being triggered by dollar value it is triggered by volume litres of fuel.

If you don’t currently have Smart Alerts set up and would like it, call 0800 474 355 and one of our customer Service Reps will arrange this for you.


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