Z Vivian Street

22/02/2013 - Z updates

Z Vivian Street

Our $4.5 million investment in a new Z service station on Vivian Street in Wellington took an interesting turn of events when we became aware of a Victorian brick barrel vault from the 1880’s running underneath the site. The vault channels the Waimapihi stream, which starts in the Aro Valley and now runs under the city in ancient brick drains until it reaches the harbour.

The Waimapihi stream has cultural significance for local Maori as a revered ancient Kuia used to bathe in the stream before European settlement.

It’s important for us to honour the heritage of the site, and so with the help of the iwi from the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, we have come up with a pretty cool addition to our original plan.

To commemorate the cultural and historical significance of the area and the stream which flows beneath the site, a sculpture is being erected on the site, constructed from around 1,000 of the bricks removed from the underground drain.

The sculpture will be built by Weta artist, Ra Vincent. Ra came to this project immediately after the conclusion of his work on the set of the Hobbit and the creation of the nine metre high Gandalf sculpture which was erected atop the Embassy Theatre for the premier of The Hobbit.

The Vivian Street sculpture will be around 1.5 metres high, two metres wide, and will weigh around three tonnes. We'll also be marking the path of the original stream through the forecourt with different coloured concrete and members of the local iwi will bless the site at its opening in March.

So make sure you come in and check out the sculpture when you are visiting our new eight lane, full shop Z site in the heart of Wellington city. Z Vivian Street opens in late-March.


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