Eco tyres and efficiency


Eco-friendly or ‘eco tyres’ were developed for one reason: to reduce fuel consumption without affecting performance or grip. Until recently, it’s been impossible to produce a single tyre that can reduce fuel consumption and still provide excellent grip due to the differing amounts of energy required for fuel economy and grip. This has changed with the recent launch of eco tyres.

Here’s the science bit: lowering rolling resistance (the amount of energy a tyre absorbs) reduces the amount of energy needed to move the car, therefore reducing fuel consumption.

With fuel prices high and our environment under increasing stress from pollution, the benefits of fitting eco tyres to your vehicle becomes increasingly attractive with fuel savings of up to 6% possible and a tread life increase of up to 15%.

Just as importantly, eco tyres are the responsible choice for our environment; they reduce vehicle emissions and are made through a cleaner process with less toxic raw materials.

Eco tyres can be found in most tyre outlets but we got our information from Beaurepaires who are also a partner of Fly Buys.