Emergency Services tops with New Zealand communities

25/07/2013 - Z updates

Emergency Services tops with New Zealand communities

The voting phase of our Good in the Hood programme is over and 656 groups throughout New Zealand received over $1million relative to how hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders voted.

Votes were cast across our 210 service stations, where customers got to decide between four community groups. What was really interesting with such a huge nationwide sample was that it provided us with an insight into what is important to New Zealanders in their local communities and what they wanted to support.

Broadly speaking the groups fell into twelve categories working in the heart of their communities, for different age demographics, disabilities, community services, and people with health problems.

The category that overpoweringly received the most votes across the country was ‘emergency services’, which received almost twice as many votes as the next highest category. These services across New Zealand have received $221,600.

While this might seem surprising, if you think about the fact that New Zealand has 14,000 kms of coastline, making us the 10th longest country in the world; we have a high percentage of people who get involved with outdoor recreation; our ambulance services are charitable trusts; as are our air emergency services which are a vital life line in a country which is largely rural and has some very rugged territory - it isn’t so surprising after all.

The second highest category for votes was for organisations that support people with cancer and their families. They received $120,359.

Sadly, over 22,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer affects most of us at some point in our lives; we may be diagnosed with cancer ourselves or have family members, friends or neighbours with the disease.

The third highest number of votes went to organisations supporting and helping babies and young children and their families.

These three groupings have together received over half of the total funds distributed to communities throughout New Zealand as part of our Good in the Hood Programme.


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