Our first new look Z tanker is here!

25/06/2013 - Z updates

Our first new look Z tanker is here!

We’re excited to share the first of our newly branded road tankers with you.

Currently the tankers that deliver fuel to Z customers, service stations and truck stops across the country are anonymous; they’re simply painted white and we thought we could do better.

What we set out to create were tankers that would bring a smile to people’s faces, both up and down the country, ones that people would look out for. Something a little bit different.

A project like this doesn’t come together without a lot of help. Many people have been involved in bringing this idea to life: from Hookers Pacific drivers who keep the tankers on the roads, the team at Fulton Hogan Signs applying the artwork and managing the project detail, a talented Wellington artist and a few of us here at Z too. It’s been fun and there’s more to come!

The first tanker will be tested on the roads of Canterbury for a few weeks. While this is happening we’ll be working on a few more ideas to roll out around the country.

Keep your eyes out for these new tankers on the roads around Canterbury, Auckland, and the Bay of Plenty over the coming months. And, if you’ve got any ideas of scenes on New Zealand roads that you think would look great on the side of one of our tankers drop us a line at


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