A real commitment to retail sustainability


A real commitment to retail sustainability

Z is committed to sustainability and we realise before we start suggesting what others should do, we need to 'start at home’. We have set ourselves some pretty ambitious goals by 2015.

Our sustainability stands, which can be viewed on our website, include some hefty targets around using less and wasting less in our operational processes; such as:

1. Z uses 10% less electricity across the retail network

2. Z uses 50% less water in retail network operations

3. Z retail operation waste to landfill has reduced by 70%, and

4. Z reduces the carbon footprint of our convenience store operations by 10%.


First up we needed to be clear on what our baselines were across these four areas.

We now have a solid sense of where we’re at and what we need to focus on.


Look out for a really exciting announcement soon on how we’re going to knock the first target out of the ballpark through investing heavily in energy-efficient lighting across the retail network.


Water shortages and conservation have been big issues across New Zealand this past summer, and that is something we care about. Since February we’ve been busy installing high-tech recyclers in our new carwashes, meaning 60-80% of the water used in our carwashes is reticulated – while still ensuring a quality wash for your car. We’ve finished re-fitting our Auckland area car washes already and will work through the rest of the network over the next two years. We’re also working with the Target Sustainability programme out of Christchurch City Council to help identify where else we can pinpoint and improve water efficiencies across our retail network.


We’ve also been working with our Retailers and their waste management providers to work on reducing our waste to landfill, by increasing our recycling.

Our baseline report and waste audits have shown that about 70% of our retail waste comes from our stores, and 30% from our forecourts. So lately we have been getting our stores in order to be able to facilitate recycling. This has meant installing cardboard cages where there weren’t any, engaging site staff in separating and recycling store waste, and doing some really cool stuff around sending unsold food waste off for composting. Watch this space for further updates!

Using less fuel

Another thing that’s keeping us really busy is the target we’ve set to help our customers use less fuel. This may sound slightly counter-intuitive for a fuel retailer, but it really shows how committed we are to the long-term future of New Zealand’s sustainability, whatever the fuel profile of that may eventually look like.

The team are working on fuel efficiency solutions for both our commercial and our retail customers; which is not only easier on the wallet, but results in safer driving habits too.

We look forward to catching you up on our progress soon.


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