Good in the Hood is back

25/10/2013 - Z updates

Good in the Hood is back

As a Kiwi company, our customers expect us to give back to local neighbourhoods, to support the things that matter locally and to make a positive contribution right across New Zealand.

So in 2014, every Z station will be giving away $5,000 to neighbourhood groups and projects which help people who need it. That’s over $1 million across New Zealand to do good in the hood.

‘Good in the Hood’ is the ultimate in keeping it local. So instead of someone in head office deciding who to support, Z’s people on the ground choose the groups for their station to get behind.

During October, we’ll be accepting applications for ‘Good in the Hood’. To apply, the criteria that the group or project needs to fulfill includes:

• being active in the local neighbourhood around a specific Z station

• being focused around helping people who need it and

• being for a specific project or to fulfill a specific need.

Each of our 213 Z service stations will then select four local neighbourhood groups or projects to support. These groups and projects will be announced in February 2014.

The four neighbourhood groups or projects successfully chosen by each Z station will receive a share of $4,000. This will be split according to the number of customer votes each successful group receives through on-site voting at that Z station in March 2014.

Another $1,000 will be used by each Z station throughout the year to support other neighbourhood groups and causes.

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