Sharing what matters with our commercial customers

25/10/2013 - Health and safety

Sharing what matters with our commercial customers

Z has had a great relationship with the Alexander Group for many years. It’s a family operated group of companies that provides high-quality niche cartage services in areas such as wine, fuel and cryogenic gases for well over a decade.

Two key customers of Alexander Bulk Gases Limited are Elgas and BOC, which like Z are involved in the transport of dangerous goods. For all of us safe transport is paramount.

With this in mind, Z willingly agreed to join the Alexander Group Safety Leadership Forum as a way for us to help our customers, and their customers, run more successful businesses and share information.

The one-day forum involved over 30 participants including Alexander Group’s key customers. There was a great blend of speakers, presentations and workshops to gather up the day’s learning's and insights.

For Z, it was a great way to share our views on safety management and road safety in particular. Kathleen Callaghan, Z’s Senior Human Factors Consultant, gave a presentation on why people do what they do, and talked the group through the Tipping Factors Model. During the workshops there was considerable discussion on how this model could be used across a range of areas.

Dom Kalasih, Z’s Principal Fleet Advisor, shared his views on why safety matters to him, and invited participants to consider why it matters to them, and to think about what they were doing, and could do, to make a difference.

For Z, the forum was a great opportunity to directly engage with other players in the energy sector on safety performance trends, and the challenges we all have.


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