Ecodrive NZ


Ecodrive NZ

We’ve made a public stand that by 2015 Z will have a game-changing, leading or active position in four key sustainability areas. This includes a commitment, in the area of carbon intensity that by 2015, with Z’s help, customers have reduced their fuel consumption and been rewarded for their efficiency.

We know that helping Kiwis use less fuel may seem counter-intuitive for a fuel retailer; however, we’ve found that it makes complete sense and completely changes the conversations that we have with our customers.

One of the ways that we have helped meet this goal is running a series of eco-driving training sessions through Ecodriver NZ - New Zealand's only company specialising in fuel economy training courses. They focus on providing training that help drivers understand and practice the techniques required to maximise the fuel economy of their cars.

In March, about 20 self-selected participants went through a 30 minute theory tutorial followed by a 30-60 minute practical session with an Ecodriver NZ expert on how to drive more efficiently.

Participants were asked to keep an eye on their fuel receipts and odometer over the next 6 weeks, in order to measure how much they’ve improved, and importantly, how much they’re saving.

We’ll hold a follow up session with each participant after the six weeks are up and take all the drivers for another session to test their eco-driving skills. We’ll be able to assess how well they’ve done and how they’ve improved their driving efficiency. We’ll keep you posted on the results from the sessions.