Energy efficiency research for SME’s


Energy efficiency research for SME’s

Already in its second year, Z has invested in a four year research programme with the University of Otago. The research programme, ‘Energy Cultures’, focuses on understanding the drivers of energy-related behaviours and bringing to attention parts of the energy system that may benefit from change in order to influence energy behaviour.

At Z, we are particularly interested in the attitudes around energy efficiency in the transport space, and we are fortunate to have Hayley Jones, Fuel Wise Manager in the Z Commercial team on the advisory panel.

Energy is becoming an expensive resource. Whether it be for heating, cooling, manufacturing, lighting or travel, using energy is inevitable in workplaces. These days many organisations are measuring and monitoring energy consumption to reduce expenses and the impact on the environment.

Previous research findings in this area suggest that New Zealanders are careful with energy use and are therefore interested in understanding the attitudes toward investing in energy efficiency. However, more data is needed to prove this.

As part of the ‘Energy Cultures’ research programme, the University of Otago is doing a short survey throughout the country to examine energy use, efficiency measures and attitudes in households, business and transport. To undertake this research your help is needed so that it can accurately capture the small to medium business owner and ensure that their voice is part of the project.

Why is this important? Because the research is partly funded by MBIE, and the research group will be reporting back to Government with advice on aspects of energy savings.

Participating involves completing an online survey that will take about 10 minutes. In return you will go into a draw for an iPad Mini (terms and conditions at Plus, the results will be benchmarked so that you can see your energy consumption against a similar business. The final report on energy in business in New Zealand will be made available to all participants. Please note that your company will be anonymous in any results from the study.

Ten minutes can be a big ask and we do understand that time is precious in business. However, we would really like to get opinions and data from all sorts of businesses – not just those who are big enough to negotiate a good deal for their electricity!

We appreciate your responses and reiterate that your help is really needed for this report to represent a varied, yet accurate view of business and energy in New Zealand. To go to the survey, please click here.