Technology over travel month


Technology over travel month

At Z, we are all working to get our company carbon footprint down, so in February this year, we ran a ‘Technology over Travel month’ with the purpose of staff nominating meetings which they utilised our ‘Lync’ technology or other technology for to run the meeting – instead of jumping on a plane.

Microsoft Office Lync is Z’s internal communications system which allows staff to connect to other staff via phone, instant messaging and online meetings.

We were interested in understanding in a given month how effectively we can operate with our customers, suppliers, retailers and within Z remotely. What old and new ways can we engage with each other to create what matters?

By running a ‘Technology over Travel month’ in February we wanted to see what kind of impact we can make with a concentrated effort and also help people to make the most of the technology we have. 

Some of the tips we shared with our staff were:

  • Ask yourself - do I really need to take that trip?
  • As always when arranging a meeting ask yourself is travel really necessary? Could this be done just as effectively via video or teleconferencing, email or web collaboration?
  • Via Lync we are able to run online meetings which are a much more cost effective option than travelling or using the costly Audio Conference Numbers.

So what were our results? A large portion of staff really took ‘Technology over Travel month’ on board and made some real changes in the way they approached travel and continued to effectively manage their customer/supplier/stakeholder relationships and expectations.

Overall we reckon we did really well!  When we compared our domestic flights during our Technology over Travel month against February 2013 we saw:

  • 20% reduction in number of domestic flights
  • 23% reduction in domestic KM distance travelled

When we look at our Lync performance we see a peak during February 2014 in the number of ‘total conferences’ and in the total number of ‘A/V conferences’

We have already planned another ‘Technology over Travel month’ for August 2014.