A thought provoking Christmas present

11/12/2014 - General

If you or someone you know would like some thought-provoking, hard-hitting reading over the holiday period, you might want to pick up Tragedy at Pike River Mine – How and why 29 men died.

The book by Rebecca Macfie has been almost essential reading at Z. We’ve given copies to many of our staff and investors and it has generated hugely important conversations in our business around safety and the role every one of us has in building a safer New Zealand.

Now that all might sound very un-Christmassy, but the book is brilliantly written and totally absorbing. It’s impossible to put down and it can’t fail to grip the reader with the scale of what went wrong at Pike River, and more importantly, why.

We reckon it’s a story every Kiwi should hear and this is a must-have on every bookshelf.

If you take our recommendation, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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