Why we like “customer dis-satisfaction”

20/02/2014 - Z updates

Why we like “customer dis-satisfaction”

We’re committed to finding out how our customers really feel about their overall experience with Z. Late last year we continued our research programme with independent research company Nielsen, to help us understand customer ‘dis-satisfaction’ with Z and the wider New Zealand fuel industry.

Our latest research shows that customers’ expectations and levels of satisfaction are always changing. At the moment, the fuel industry overall is doing a better job at servicing its customers, with Z making the biggest increase in customer satisfaction compared to its competitors.

How did we achieve this fantastic result? Completing this survey in 2013 gave us great insights into what you, our customers, are after. You told us the customer experience with truck stops, bulk deliveries and Z Card, and our responsiveness overall could be better. And based on the feedback you gave us we were able tomake some inroads to address some of your biggest dis-satisfiers:

• Our reliability in getting fuel to our home base customers and our truck stops is improving. Using reports that tell us which tanks are running low, we have changed the way we prioritise our deliveries.

• We’ve removed the product and service symbols on the back of our Z Card meaning you don’t need a new replacement card just because you changed from a diesel to a petrol vehicle.

• We’re also working through our truck stop network replacing and upgrading the fuel pumps to increase their reliability. In some cases, we’ve added high flow pumps to speed up the flow rate.

We’ve seen a great result so far, but we know there is no room for complacency. We’ll continue to work tirelessly to improve any areas brought to our attention by the research and through our other feedback channels. Thanks to those of you who have already provided us feedback, and if you haven’t you will be soon!


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