BBQ gas bottle safety

17/01/2014 - Health and safety

BBQ gas bottle safety

BBQ season has arrived and at Z, we take safety around the products we sell very seriously. Whether you’re camping, entertaining at home, or enjoying a BBQ at a friend’s place, make sure you’re in a safe environment with safe equipment. Our SWAP’n’GO LPG bottles ensure that bottle inspections are up–to-date. Below is some great information to ensuring a safe and happy barbie!

Safe storage of your gas bottle

• It’s best to store gas bottles outdoors in a well-ventilated space.

• Gas bottles should never be stored , near an ignition source and should be stored upright

• If you store your BBQ or patio heater indoors, when not in use, you should always detach the gas bottle first and store it separately outdoors


Where to place your BBQ for use

• Adequate ventilation is essential when using a BBQ to allow the gas to burn and burnt gases to dissipate.

• Children should be kept safely away from BBQs and gas bottles.


Transporting gas bottles safely

• Avoid transport inside passenger compartment

• DO NOT transport loose or laying down

• Always keep cool and away from flames, sparks & heat

• DO NOT leave LPG bottles in enclose vehicle unnecessarily

• Ensure valves are turned off firmly when not in use. Do not over tighten

• Maximum two bottles in enclosed vehicles


Checking your LPG Gas BBQ

The leading cause of BBQ fires is equipment failure, leaks or breaks – these cause over 60% of outdoor fires*

• Use the correct type of hose. Do not make temporary connections. Keep hose gently curved to prevent kinks and damage.

• Cracked or damaged hoses and/or gas regulators should be replaced before use.

• Check hoses to make sure they have not perished by brushing or spraying on soapy water and checking for bubbles.

• Check hoses for blockages, such as spiders, which might have nested inside during winter.

• Check connections to make sure that they are clean and fitting snug

* Source NFPA Journal 2003


Operating your BBQ gas bottle

• Always read the BBQ manufacturer’s operating instructions.

• Keep the gas bottle upright and on a stable base.

• When you’ve finished using your BBQ, turn off at the gas bottle first and then the BBQ controls.

• Remember, adequate ventilation is essential.

• Be sure to shut off the bottle valve before disconnecting the bottle from the BBQ, even if you think the bottle is empty.


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