Stay safe on the roads this summer

17/01/2014 - Health and safety

Stay safe on the roads this summer

Staying safe on the roads is always important particularly over the summer period when the amount of traffic on the road significantly increases.

We thought it might useful to remind you of some safe driving tips while you’re on the raod this summer:

Plan ahead

• Make sure your car has an up-to-date Warrant of Fitness (WoF). Don’t forget, Z Card customers receive a 15% discount off WoF and CoFA*. Click here to find out more about this offer 

• Avoid peak traffic periods when many highways become congested

• Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Why not make the ‘journey’ part of the holiday? Don’t forget to have regular rest breaks throughout your trip.

*the VTNZ offer excludes vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.


Be aware of changes

• Certain passing lanes can be closed over the peak holiday periods to help reduce congestion around merging lanes.

• Sometimes alternative routes are suggested. Check out New Zealand Transport Association’s (NZTA) Highway Info section for any information on planned or unplanned route changes or traffic incidents.


Drive to the conditions

‘Conditions’ doesn’t just mean the weather. It also includes:

• the road you’re on

• the traffic conditions

• the speed

• your vehicle and load.


Watch out for fatigue

Long trips are tiring and fatigue can be deadly behind the wheel. Driver fatigue was a big cause of injuries and deaths on the road last year, so make sure you are well rested before you drive.


For more information and safety tips go to NZTA’s holiday driving tips.


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