'What do you' Reckon update

17/01/2014 - Z updates

'What do you' Reckon update

You might’ve seen our ‘What do you Reckon’ adverts on air, or online during September and October. This campaign set out to reinforce that Z is a Kiwi company prepared to listen and (perhaps more importantly) respond to our customers.

The advertising demonstrated how we’ve been doing this from the get-go, and provided yet another opportunity for New Zealand to continue to be involved in making Z better. As such the advertising was supported by a separate Facebook page that allowed people to submit ideas, vote and / or comment on other ideas and share ideas with their social network.

So how’s it been going? Pretty good we reckon! We’ve had well over 600 ideas submitted, just shy of 10,000 votes cast, and nearly 12,000 visitors to the site all up. As you can imagine we’ve had a real range of ideas submitted and we’ve got a team of people from across the Z business reviewing the ideas to see if they’ve got legs. We’re already in action, or seriously looking at the following ideas that have been submitted to name just a few:

• Pay at pump

• Potato top pies (a kiwi favourite!)

• Longer windscreen brushes (great for trucks!)

• Recycling bins on the forecourt (wherever we can)

• Converting Fly Buys points into Z Gift Cards

On top of that we’ve done some research on the campaign and we know that not only did a lot of people see the ad, but they really liked the message too.

What do you Reckon is an on-going campaign so if you want to submit an idea, or vote, or comment on an idea that’s already been submitted, you can still head to and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your ideas.


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