Now you can get your diesel and Emission Cleaner for your SCR vehicle in one simple stop.

Z Diesel Emission Cleaner, Z DEC for short, is a diesel exhaust fluid that, together with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, is designed to help reduce vehicle emissions, namely nitrogen oxides.

We’ve rolled out Z DEC at selected Z truck stops nationwide to make it more convenient for drivers to fill up on both their diesel and exhaust fluid with Z.

By filling up at the pump, our customers don’t need to worry about the problems that go with buying and storing diesel exhaust fluids (DEFs) in bulk containers, so it’s one less thing that our customers need to worry about.

We know many major engine manufacturers and their customers have chosen SCR technology for their vehicles to meet emission reduction targets and that’s why Z DEC is available on pump at 14 Z truck stops: Sanson, Sylvia Park (Mt Wellington), Turangi, Whangarei, Grove Road (Blenheim) Seaview (Wellington), Hamilton, Hewletts Road (Mount Maunganui), Sawyers Arms Road (Christchurch), Dunedin, Highbrook, Pokeno, Napier and Roscommon Road (Wiri). Click here to find a Z DEC pump near you.

Z DEC is about making life on the road easier, and offering a product that more of our customers are looking for as they turn to cleaner emission vehicles.