Putting the Z into Xero

30/10/2014 - Z updates

Putting the Z into Xero

We've teamed up with another great Kiwi company, Xero, to make life simpler for small businesses.

If there’s one thing we never seem to have enough of, it’s time. So to help you save time on admin, Z is New Zealand’s only fuel company where you can get a copy of your fuel card invoice data fed directly into Xero.

This free service for Z Card customers started on 15 October, and was developed with the help of a small group of customers who have been trialling it over the past few months. Their feedback has been invaluable, and as a result customers can choose between having all their transactions fed through, or just a summary (such as subtotals by specific criteria or total invoice amount).

Once set up, the data is automatically loaded into Xero in the chosen format every time an invoice is sent. Transactions can then be coded and approved in Xero as usual.

Amongst the hundreds of customers who set up their Z Card into Xero feed in the first few days, the most popular option was full transaction detail, followed by card number subtotals and the total invoice amount.

Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. One of our pilot customers told us the feed has saved her hours of manually entering her drivers’ transactions every month; another said, “Just what I was looking for!”; while another said: “The result is much easier.”

Others noted that it’s great to see two kiwi companies working together to help NZ’s businesses “Another monthly job saved. Great work Z and Xero.” Our favourite comment put it the most succinctly: “Bloody excellent actually”!

Are you a Z Card customer using Xero? It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up at, using your Z Card Online and Xero login details (terms and conditions apply and can be found here too).


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