Using ATGs to simplify bulk tank ordering

30/10/2014 - Z updates

Using ATGs to simplify bulk tank ordering

Symons Transport has found Z’s new tank linked Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system a winner and huge time-saver.

Running out of diesel twice in a month convinced Murray Symons, Transport Manager for Symons Transport in New Plymouth, that the ATGs offered a better alternative to the manual processes required to manage their fuel ordering themselves.

As Murray put it, “Prior to having the ATG, we used to be very lazy with our dips and sometimes forget to call them in. This resulted in stock outs.”

Murray had heard us talk about ATGs at a conference when we were just starting the pilot, and dropped us a line to see how it all worked.

Put simply, ATGs measure the amount of fuel in a tank and transmits this information to Z’s systems, providing remote visibility of the stock levels in tanks for both Z and customers via a website. ATGs take the guess work out of ordering fuel, and we can take care of the refill.

Late last year we installed the ATG at Symons Transport and here’s what Murray has said about the result: “Since the ATG has been installed we haven’t had any issues with stock outs and the diesel is always there when we need it. It means we don’t have to take our big machines down to the truck stop when our tank is empty, because it’s always got fuel.”

Z has been converting a number of customers like Symons Transport who used to ring in orders, with over 45 now having ATGs in place. As well as offering peace of mind around supply, ATGs have HSSE benefits with reduced staff exposure to fumes from manually dipping the fuel and reducing the need to climb on tanks.


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