On their way – Z Card Online enhancements


On their way – Z Card Online enhancements

Over the years our customers have given us feedback on how we could improve Z Card Online (our on-line Z Card management tool). We’ve been listening and working on improvements that we reckon will make the most difference to our cardholders. You’ll see the first of these enhancements over the next few months.

First up we’ve been working on simplifying some of the language we use to make it easier to understand. Next, we’re making it simpler to order new Z Cards whether you need one new card or many. We’re also expanding your choices on what can be printed on the card, so if you need the ID for a specific bit of plant or machinery printed on your cards, instead of a vehicle’s registration number, you’ll be able to.

Another improvement that’s coming will give you greater control over how each of your cards can be used. And we’re introducing monthly limits on a wider range of products including shop and car wash purchases.

All these changes are the result of listening to the feedback we’ve received, and our desire to do better. We’ll keep you updated on where these and other changes are at on the Z Card Online home page.