Z’s customers are more satisfied

05/03/2015 - Z updates

Z’s customers are more satisfied

One way we monitor the level of service we’re providing is through our six-monthly research which tells us how well we are doing against a whole lot of criteria.

We use independent research company Nielsen, to help us understand customer ‘dis-satisfaction’ with Z and the wider New Zealand fuel industry.

Our most recent results tell us that Z’s customers are more satisfied compared with other major oil company customers. We are more interested however in listening to what our customers tell us we can do to continuously improve our service...[more]

This latest round of research found 83% of our customers agree that Z is a trusted supplier, and across the industry our customers are the most satisfied and are more likely to agree that Z offers better value than other suppliers. The research also tells us where we need to improve and how we need to prioritise our work to start making things better.

The areas that most annoy customers are not surprisingly those everyday issues, such as invoicing and billing, cards not working, or refueling equipment malfunctions.

Our main focus is to get these areas right with a great deal of work being done to improve Z Card processes and functionality, and work on our sites, such as truck stops.

Customers told us that they like new initiatives such as Zip thru Z with diesel on more lanes, and the choice of improved forecourt service or being able to use Z Card to pay at the pump.

We set our priorities based on the research results and what our customers are telling us. Something that comes through loud and clear is we need to be where our customers are. We have and are investing in our network. Work is already underway planning for new truck stops and more Z DEC sites, and construction has started for new service stations in Palmerston North and Papakura, as well as a total rebuild of Z Woolston in Christchurch.

We need to continue to invest in our truck stops as a priority; and remain focused on service and responsiveness to customers – a whole-of-company initiative with some clearly defined targets.

We are very grateful to the large number of our Commercial customers who give their time to answer questions that give us such invaluable feedback. It really helps us to go after what matters to you and know the areas we should be concentrating on.

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