Z's biodiesel - our very own world first in NZ

22/09/2015 - Fuels, Z updates

Z's biodiesel - our very own world first in NZ

Almost a fifth of the country’s carbon emissions come from transport, and given we’re one of New Zealand’s major fuel companies, we know we’re responsible for a pretty big chunk of that. Because we’re a Kiwi company, here at Z we felt it was important we made sure we played our part in coming up with a solution.

This is where our commercial scale biofuel production facility comes in – the first of its kind built without a grant or government subsidy anywhere in the world.

We’ve come a long way since we first started exploring bringing biofuels to New Zealand at scale more than four years ago.

Today, construction on our commercial scale plant in Wiri, south Auckland, is progressing well, and we’re working toward delivering Z’s biodiesel to some of our customers toward the middle of 2016. The high quality fuel we’ll be producing does the same job as diesel, except it’s better for the environment and better for people because of the reduced carbon and particulate emissions. And to top it off, it also reduces New Zealand’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Constructing a facility of this size and capacity is no small task. In 2013 biofuel consumption across New Zealand was around 6 million litres a year – the plant we're commissioning will produce almost four times the amount of biodiesel each year on its own.

While the plant is a flagship project at Z, it is just one of many initiatives we’re undertaking in the sustainability space.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Z’s biodiesel, including how you can use it to keep your business on the move, get in touch with your Customer Manager or talk to a member of the team on

You can find out more about why we reckon sustainability matters and what we’re busy doing about it by visiting


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