We have one of the most extensive networks in New Zealand, pumping out diesel to meet New Zealand’s conditions.

We’ve developed our diesel to meet New Zealand fuel specifications and suit New Zealand’s conditions, so no matter where you’re based in the country you can rely on our diesel.

Z Diesel is available at every Z truck stop and service station throughout New Zealand and is suitable for use in all diesel engines.

Our truck stops - size matters

With bigger tanks to fill, fuel needs to flow faster. That’s why we’ve got high flow diesel pumps at all Z truck stops to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

All our truck stops have fast, reliable card readers as well as all hours help desk support if something doesn’t go to plan. And when you need more than just diesel, we’ve got you covered – a third of our truck stops are on the same site as a Z service station meaning you can refuel yourself at the same time. Plus we’ve got Z DEC, our diesel exhaust fluid, on pump at strategically located truck stops up and down the country too.

To find your nearest Z truck stop, check out our truck stop locator at

Our service stations are all about helping you Zip thru Z

With more than 200 service stations nationwide, we offer one of the largest networks of all fuel suppliers. We’re committed to building new stations where they’re needed and improving our existing stations so they truly meet the needs of our customers.

We’ve invested in Pay at Pump, super long hoses, diesel on more lanes and Forecourt Concierges to help you Zip thru Z, reducing your refuelling downtime so you can get on with what matters to you. We’ve also got dedicated fast fill diesel lanes at selected service stations. These pump diesel at around twice the speed of standard service station pumps and are best suited to small to mid-sized trucks rather than bigger units who need the space of a dedicated truck stop.

To find your nearest Z, check out our online locator or download the Z App.

For those interested in the technical nitty-gritty, check out the fuels page dedicated to all things diesel. We’ve also got safety data sheetstechnical data sheets and product safety cards online should you need them.