Our biodiesel plant

Z Bio D is produced in Wiri, Auckland and is the first commercial scale biodiesel production plant in New Zealand. The plant uses proven technology and global best practice to produce a very high quality biodiesel.


Plant history

  • Construction of the plant started in March 2015.
  • Z has invested approximately $26 million to complete the plant and associated infrastructure.
  • The plant will supply selected Z service stations/truck stops with biodiesel starting from late 2018.
  • The plant was built without any government grants, subsidies, tax incentives, or mandates, the first in the world we can find.



How much biofuel?

Z’s biodiesel plant will produce up to 20 million litres of biodiesel annually using inedible tallow, a by-product from New Zealand’s meat industry. Z designed the plant to be ‘scalable’ and there is potential for the plant to increase production of Z Bio D up to 40 million litres a year.

If demand and the economics support the project, Z will consider investing in further biodiesel plants of a similar capacity. International best standards: cherry picking from the best Z’s Wiri biodiesel plant is the result of more than four years of robust due diligence and engineering work.

Z has benchmarked the plant’s construction against global best practice of biodiesel manufacturing processes and has incorporated technologies specific to biodiesel production that have been continually refined during the past 17 years. Z has partnered with experts in the engineering and transport fuels refining sectors including Sulzer, a global expert specialising in state-of-the-art distillation columns.