Z Business COVID-19 Resources

Z is immensely proud to be a Kiwi company working with other Kiwi businesses, many of whom are our suppliers, partners and customers. That’s why we've created this page to help support you, your people and your business through this period of change and uncertainty.

We will be updating this page regularly as we create more relevant and useful material.

Looking after yourself and your teams in a crisis

“With COVID-19 we aren't facing a one-off thing that requires a few people in one or two industries to respond quickly. We're facing something ongoing that requires the entire country to continually respond for an uncertain amount of time. That's understandably hard for a lot of us. We reckon Kiwis are world-class and that we can come out the other side of this stronger. Focus on your health, focus on your community, stay at home and together we can break the chain.”
Mike Bennetts, Z CEO

Z has been responding to COVID-19 since January when we set up a crisis management team to monitor and respond to the developing situation. To assist other businesses in responding to crisis like these our senior leaders have shared some of their lessons.

Leading Through Crisis - Mike Bennetts, Z CEO and Nicolas Williams, Z GM Commercial

Business tools

Having the right tools makes it significantly easier to keep your business running, stay connected and collaborate even when everyone’s working remotely.

  • Microsoft Teams is a great tool for this purpose and offers a free version for businesses smaller than 300 people.
  • Plan-C is a tool to help businesses make a plan in a pandemic created by our partners Rush and pandemic researcher and consultant Roger Dennis. It’s available for free for New Zealand businesses under 500 people.

Understanding COVID-19

Below are some useful links which provide more information on COVID-19.

Government Support for Businesses

The Government has made available support packages for businesses, employees, contractors and self employed people, including a wage subsidy and a leave payment.

Returning to work

As a business owner there are a lot of things you need to consider when re-opening in a COVID-19 environment. These resources will help you make a plan for how you will operate in this new context.