24 April RSA 6 cents per litre donation

Help the RSA - Wednesday 24 April 2019

We reckoned we’d do something small for those who have done big things for NZ. So this Wednesday 24 April, we’ll be donating 6 cents for every litre of fuel purchased on Z Card at a Z service station to the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association.

 Where does the money go?

The RSA will use this money to help current and former service personnel, and their families. Some examples of the support RSA has provided include:

  • Providing emergency counselling for the wife of a Veteran, who suffers from chronic PTSI
  • Providing counselling to the family of a currently-serving veteran
  • Flying a family of a sick veteran to provide support in hospital
  • Supporting a fundraising campaign for young boy with microcephally and undiagnosed genetic condition
  • Repatriation of serviceman with mental health issues, back to family in New Zealand
  • Help solo mum completing her degree to pay for essentials allowing her to concentrate on her vocational studies

To find out more about the RSA see here

Things you should know: 

  • The 6 cents per litre donation will be made directly to the RSA and is not an additional cents per litre discount on your fuel purchase.
  • The RSA 6 cents per litre donation offer runs from 6am Wednesday 24 April to 6am Thursday 25 April.
  • Excludes purchases at truck stops.
  • For every litre of fuel paid for at a Z station during the Promotional Period, Z will donate 6 cents per litre to the RSA.
  • Excludes purchases through a Z truck stop. 
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