• Message from Mike

    Message from Mike


    In May, Z posted its first Annual Report as a public company. As you know, we strive to share everything and be straight up with our shareholders, our people, our suppliers and our customers. To ensure we lived up to those values we produced the usual PDF format of the...

  • Sustainability update from Gerri Ward

    Sustainability update from Gerri Ward


    As you’ll be aware, Z is committed to some ambitious sustainability goals to reduce the impacts of our own operations, and to lead the way in transformational organisational change. We see this as an opportunity both to work with our suppliers to reduce the impact of our own operations together,...

  • Building capability at Z

    Building capability at Z


    Back in late 2013, we were experiencing challenges delivering on our Retail Construction programme aspirations. These were apparent in a number of areas particularly in project, time and cost management. So we had to make some quick decisions about re-aligning and re-enforcing our capabilities so we could deliver on our promises.

  • Social Media at Z

    Social Media at Z


    We’re big fans of social media at Z, simply because it gives us a way to listen, interact with and learn from our customers in [almost] real time. We have lots of great systems and processes to survey and get feedback, but nothing is quite as accessible as Twitter, Facebook...