• Message from Mike

    Message from Mike

    12/11/2014 - November

    At Z we're getting ready for changes to the health and safety legislation arising from the tragedy at the Pike River mine. Although the new law is scheduled to come into effect around April next year, we have decided to do a fundamental review of our Health, Safety, Security &...

  • Good in the Hood

    Good in the Hood

    12/11/2014 - November

    Z Energy’s flagship ‘Good in the Hood’ community investment programme donates more than $1 million into grassroots community organisations right across New Zealand every year. The programme enables our customers to vote for the projects and community initiatives that matter most to them and, in doing so, has started a...

  • Biofuels: an alternative energy future

    Biofuels: an alternative energy future

    12/11/2014 - November

    Z Energy is undertaking a project that will convert non-edible tallow and used cooking oil into a high quality, environmentally sustainable fuel grade biodiesel.

  • Sustainability update from Gerri Ward

    Sustainability update from Gerri Ward

    12/11/2014 - November

    As mentioned in our last Link update, Z is committed to some ambitious sustainability goals to reduce the impacts of our own operations, and to lead the way in transformational organisational change. We see this as an opportunity to work with our suppliers to reduce the impact of our own...