Hiring? Think differently


Hiring? Think differently

At the heart of a great business are great people. But those people can be hard to find.

Z has teamed up with disability employment agency Workbridge to help connect employers with awesome employees who just happen to have disabilities. (Because we reckon it’s great for business – and great for our communities.)

Z and Workbridge have jointly employed former Z Retailer (and Kiwibank Local Hero of the Year) Selwyn Cook, as Disability Employment Ambassador – to help Z, our Retailers, our partners, suppliers, customers, and other Kiwi businesses, to tap into the hidden talent pool of people with disabilities.

Many people don’t know that one in four Kiwis is disabled. It’s easy for employers to overlook people with disabilities while hunting for the ideal candidate. Selwyn reckons this is a mistake for any business.

When he was a Z Retailer, Selwyn employed more than 85 people with disabilities - in the past four years alone.

His employees with disabilities have brought commitment and work ethic. They have taken few sick days and stayed longer in their jobs, which contributes to lower staff turnover and reduced costs in areas such as training and recruitment.

“Employing people with disabilities isn’t about being ‘nice’ - it’s about making a smart business decision,” says Selwyn.

There are a couple of ways you can tap into Selwyn’s advice for employing people with disabilities:

• check out his article at
• Pop him an email or give him a call! Answering your questions and helping you find great staff with disabilities is all part of his job. He’d love to talk. Email, or phone 027 480 4569.

Christine Langdon, Community Manager