Causing waves of change


Causing waves of change

As you’ll all know, we kicked off our Z Sustainability Code of Conduct for Suppliers last year, with the objective of setting clear expectations for all our suppliers regarding sustainability. Providing a framework for meaningful and collaborative partnerships that ultimately work to increase efficiency and reduce our operational environmental impact together. All of our suppliers – new and existing – are now required to sign up to this Code of Conduct, and we’ve had some great feedback from suppliers around the leadership Z’s showing in this space.

The next step we then took was to categorise all of our suppliers into three tiers based on spend, criticality, and interface with customer. Through this process, we ended up with seven tier one suppliers, 40 tier two suppliers, and the rest are in tier three. You should have received a letter late last year from your Z Supplier Manager informing you of this.

Since then, we’ve been working closely with our tier one suppliers to identify ways in which we can work together in order to cause a change exponentially greater than that which we could have caused on our own. It’s been a fascinating process and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We’ve been really conscious that this is a true partnership conversation, and doesn’t occur as a ‘put’ on those suppliers we’re working with. As a result, we’ve generated some really interesting and exciting projects to work on together over the next year. Some of these include:

  • Working with Frucor to identify opportunities to reduce packaging and generate increased understanding of recycling and waste management.
  • Working with our maintenance contractor, City Care, in order to identify some of the Good in the Hood applications that they may be able to help out with on a voluntary basis.
  • Working with our pie supplier, Goodtime, to run a front-line staff sustainability competition to identify ways in which to make their operations even leaner, and rewarding the best idea.
  • Assessing the frameworks suppliers have in place for managing their vehicles and fuel. Also assessing how an eco-driving training programme can benefit several of our Tier One Suppliers (Cassidy Construction for instance) to help their fleet drivers to drive more efficiently and safely, through a training programme developed by our Principal Fleet Adviser.

These, and other projects we’ve developed together, will result in more sustainable businesses for both us and our suppliers, and will also benefit the other Kiwi businesses who are recipients of these suppliers’ services. We’re really excited about working together to cause these waves of sustainability to flow throughout ours and other business in NZ.

Gerri Ward, Sustainability Manager