Collaboration the key to success


Collaboration the key to success

What do you do when you receive two great responses to an RFP, but you’re torn because both suppliers are equally strong, but both have slightly different areas of strength? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your cake, and eat it too by working with both organisations, to harness the strengths and competitive advantages of each organisation and ultimately deliver the best product for Z? Well, why not? That’s the question we asked ourselves, and that’s the question we asked Focus Digital Security Solutions ( and Auror ( when Z embarked on a project to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) across our network.

Z’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) works by linking our CCTV cameras to a database of previous petrol drive off offenders. Should an offender pull up to a Z forecourt, our CCTV cameras will recognise the vehicle, sound an alert and switch our pumps to prepay.

Petrol drive offs cost Z over $1.5 million per annum. Reducing cost is obviously a major motivator for investing in ANPR technology. But more importantly, we reckon that by discouraging would-be thieves from visiting Z, we’re also making our forecourts and stores a safer place for both our customers and our friendly frontline staff – something that Z is extremely committed to.

So how did Focus and Auror feel about working collaboratively? It’s certainly not every day that a customer asks two organisations that deliver a similar business solution to work together. But Focus and Auror are both cutting edge, modern organisations – and most importantly they are customer centric, and had Z’s interests as their top priority. With that in mind, Focus and Auror got together, agreed on which space each organisation would play in to ensure there were no competing interests, and set upon creating a world class ANPR product for Z.

Focus and Auror are happy to report that by working together and playing to their strengths they’ve created a win, win situation, where both organisations have thrived and contributed a world class product to Z. Z can attest that the results so far have exceeded expectations and are delivering real value to our business.

Focus and Auror are also proud to admit that they’ve both learned a lot through the collaborative project with Z. Perhaps the biggest learning was that even in today’s modern world where time is scarce and technology is king, there is literally no substitute for sitting round a table and having a transparent and honest conversation. At Z, we call this being ‘straight up’, and we reckon it’s crucial for the success of any project, no matter how big or small.

So where to for the future? Thanks to Focus and Auror, within the next two months, every one of our 208 service stations will be playing a part in reducing drive offs and making Z sites a safer place to be. We’re also happy to report that Focus and Auror are intending to continue their collaborative ways and are already exploring future business opportunities together. We wish both Focus and Auror all the very best.