Giant strides start with small steps


 Giant strides start with small steps

At Z we aspire to be a world class Kiwi company and one of the attributes common to all world class companies is an iconic brand. We know from our research that the Z brand is in great shape, but there is also a sense that over the last few years, our brand has failed to capture the hearts of New Zealanders in the same way it did when we launched. We also now have a much bigger story to tell about what we stand for – including areas like sustainability.

So with all of that in mind, we’re now very clear about what we now need our brand to deliver in 2016 (and beyond). Simply put, we need to re-connect New Zealanders with why Z is for New Zealand, by telling one cohesive story about what Z stands for in the areas of Sustainability, Community and both Retail and Commercial Experience.

To do that, we needed a strong brand strategy and creative idea, one that resonates with Z and New Zealand, one that taps into the New Zealand psyche, and one that externally brings to life everything we stand for as a company. After much work, we’ve landed on the creative idea that: Giant strides start with small steps.

The first three of the five stories can be seen here:

The Commercial and Community stories are to follow shortly.

We think this core idea works because it’s consistent with how we’re making progress across all of our stands (Community / Sustainability Customer Experience) – with Z it’s all about the small things that add up to make a difference. This is how we get stuff done, how we make a difference and how we are distinctive from our competitors. Importantly it also tends to be how New Zealand gets things done – it is a shared value between Z and the country.

Crucially, this is not a campaign that will be here today and gone again tomorrow, and we have a media plan extending through to March 2017. The whole campaign will be supported by a new ‘hub page’ on that ties all of our stories together, and provides a deeper level of information for those that are interested:

The great thing is that these stories really get us as a company ‘on the hook’ to deliver against our stands. If we haven’t already, we’ll also be looking for your support to help us do that.