Collaboration in action


Collaboration in action

Z recently launched the Fly Buys Pumped! proposition which offers Fly Buys customers fuel discounts and points – a unique selling point in rewards programs. This was an ambitious project with a hard deadline of needing to be ready for launching by the 1st of August. It was also a confidential project which meant we had a small team of people working on it internally and as a result we relied heavily on our partners to work with us as part of the project team.

We have a number of agencies that we work with and this project was a great example of how our agencies worked closely together and truly respected each other’s strengths to deliver what we needed and on time. The agencies quickly identified what their role in the delivery of the project was and worked alongside each other as a virtual team to get the best out of each other. This meant the project team could get on with working on the proposition and had trust that we would get the quality communications we expect and on time.

A big shout out to JWT, Assignment, MBM, Hey Day and DPP for leading the way on collaboration.

Sally Feinson, Retail Marketing Manager