Some problems seem so big we don’t know where to start. And one of the really big ones is our planet and the way we’re using up its resources. At Z, we get that we’re part of the problem and we’re determined to be part of the solution. We also know that we need everyone’s help to get there.

In March we ran a digital campaign in which we asked New Zealanders: what they thought Z should do; who we could work with; what they’re committed to; what issues New Zealand businesses should get serious about; and how New Zealand could lead on combatting climate change.

We were really happy with the level of response and had more than 11,000 people tuned in to our ‘Ask Mike’ live Facebook session in March. The key themes that were raised from public input were:

  • The need to support electric vehicles and increase the levels of associated infrastructure
  • The need to implement alternatives to fossil fuels including biofuels
  • Calls for businesses to be more sustainable, reduce waste and use less plastic (particularly single use plastic) and to work with their supply chains to improve environmental outcomes
  • Calls for legislative and policy changes as well as incentives to help New Zealand meet our Paris commitments
  • Calls to help change more Kiwi attitudes so that they care more about the our environment and the planet
  • We should all be planting more trees and growing our own vegetables

We’re using this input to help shape our new environmental sustainability stand which we’ll be sharing soon. The new stand will sharpen our focus about what matters and the role we can play. Expect to see an increased focus on our supply chain as we look to be at the heart of the solution.

 Judy Ryan, Sustainability Programme Advisor