The eyes and ears of operational excellence


The eyes and ears of operational excellence

Z has developed close relationships with a number of overseas companies to ensure the reliable supply of finished products (Diesel, Petrol, Jet and blendstocks) to supplement the product supplied from Refining NZ. The largest most obvious of these is our relationship with Hyundai OilBank Refinery in Daesan, South Korea who supply the vast majority of our imported finished products, however, there are many others.

One business relationship that few outside the supply team know about is the one we have with Singapore based Intank Services. Intank Services are a team of specialists in petroleum shipping who supply Expeditors for the loading of tankers carrying Z products.

A typical product tanker chartered by Z carries three different products, totalling around 37,000 tonnes. Each product is sensitive to contamination from residues in the tanks and lines, from the inert gas systems not operating correctly and from the other products being carried on the vessel. There is a lot that can go wrong when loading a ship and when it does go wrong it becomes a very big problem very quickly. This represents a significant risk to Z and could result in product shortages in New Zealand.

So what is an Expeditor? And how does using them help Z? The Expeditor is a highly experienced master mariner who acts as the eyes and ears for Z during the loading. They attend the entire loading process from a preloading inspection to the cargo hoses being disconnected at the other end. This ensures the tanker is fully prepared and that the loading is carried out in accordance with agreed processes. If they see a potential problem during loading they intervene to ensure it is fully resolved. During the loading, feedback is constantly provided to Z and at the completion of loading a full report is provided.

While Intank’s primary function is to provide the load port Expeditor service, their expertise in petroleum shipping has allowed additional initiatives to reduce our shipping risk, including vessel selection and expert advice during incident investigations. 

Z has worked with Intank Services for many years and they have become an integral part of how the Supply Team ensures we reliably and safely supply quality fuels to the New Zealand market.  

 Stephen O'Neill, Shipping Coordinator