Helping our customers do their bit


Helping our customers do their bit

One of Z’s big sustainability commitments relates to using less and wasting less – not just in our corporate offices, but out on our Z service station sites too.

So, to help make it really easy for our customers to do their bit when it comes to wasting less, the Sustainability and Asset teams have been hard at work alongside a couple of our suppliers, Popstars and Rotaform, designing and rolling out new forecourt recycling bins to service station sites.

Popstars came up with a great modular forecourt bin which is comprised of separate compartments for waste, glass, plastic and cans, and compostable items, including Z Espress coffee cups.

Working alongside Rotaform for manufacture has meant we have been able to make the black components from 100 percent recycled plastic and our old bins are going into this waste stream.

We had initially looked to roll it out to 50 service stations however, thanks to the assistance of the Waste Minimisation Fund matching our funding for the new bins, we’ve been able to increase it to over 110 sites nationwide.

We will roll the bins out to around 50 sites in the Auckland area first, followed by the rest of the country.  These bins have now become our new site standard so will automatically be part of any new sites we build. Around 30 percent of waste on our retail sites comes from the forecourt, the vast majority of which currently ends up in landfill.  This project gives customers the opportunity to recycle on our forecourts and reduce the waste going to landfill. We already have recycling systems in place for back office waste at service stations, resulting in waste volumes being reduced by around 60 percent over the past five years.

The work to install the bins is scheduled to be completed over the coming year, so be sure to keep an eye out for these fantastic new pieces of kit. With their awesome colours we’re sure you won’t be able to miss them on each pump aisle!

 Judy Ryan, Sustainability Programme Advisor