More small steps towards even more giant strides


More small steps towards even more giant strides

Z’s taken a whole lot of small steps towards the giant strides we need to take to be a more sustainable business and country. As we let you know in July, our customers have told us they wanted to see us do more in terms of decarbonising our own and other businesses, and providing leadership and support around reducing our environmental impact and increasing our positive impacts.

We’ve agreed a new strategy which will see us addressing the above, through to 2020 and beyond. This includes integrating our sustainability commitments with our community commitments in order to more effectively address the environmental and social impacts of our operations – or as we like to call it: saving the planet and the people on it!

Our priorities over the next few years will be:

  1. Using less and wasting less in our own operations; such as reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting those we’re unable to avoid, reducing waste to landfill year-on-year and reducing power consumption. We’re in the process of defining our offsetting strategy and will be partnering with some innovative local providers and organisations – watch this space!
  2. Making purchasing decisions that support sustainability; such as choosing suppliers based on our consideration of their fully costed environmental impact and their direct and demonstrable support of Z’s sustainability stand. We’ll support our suppliers in their own sustainability journeys and we’ll hold them to account. We’ll lead in the development and supply of products and services that minimise the environmental impact of our customers’ businesses – including rolling out Z Bio D and investing further in our electric vehicle charging network.
  3. Enabling others to reduce their environmental impact; such as building a range of partnerships and business opportunities that are helping New Zealand move to a low emission economy. We’ll also use the ground we’ve taken so far to lead on and help to generate development of policy that moves New Zealand to a low emission economy. We’ve already called out the need for NZ businesses to take the lead in calling for a more urgent response to climate change and have advocated for stronger and more certain policy direction from government in order to meet our global climate commitment.

We’ll be reporting regularly on progress against our four Stands  (Health, Safety & Security, Community, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability) and plan to work with you on opportunities and partnerships to work together to a stronger, more sustainable New Zealand. We’ll also be launching our new Community strategy soon and are excited to continue to work with our supplier partners in order to make New Zealand an example to the rest of the world and an inspiration to Kiwis.

 Gerri Ward, Sustainability and Community Manager