At Z we’re proud of the quality fuels we sell. Whether you use ZX Premium Unleaded, Z91 Unleaded, or Z Diesel, we have both the international partnerships and local technical expertise to bring you world class fuels for New Zealand drivers.

Of course you want to know that what goes into your engine is going to do the job. Well, you can rest easy knowing that all our fuels meet the New Zealand Engine Fuel Specification Regulation (those technically inclined can have a look at these).

ZX Premium Unleaded

ZX Unleaded is our world class fuel, with superior engine cleaning capabilities. It's designed for people who care what they put in their car. Read more.

Z91 Unleaded

Z91 Unleaded uses a great additive that helps keep your engine clean for improved performance. Read more.

Z Diesel

Z Diesel has been designed to perform under all of New Zealand’s trying conditions – both on and off road. Read more.

Z Bio D Biodiesel

Z Bio D is a high quality, sustainable biodiesel produced right here in New Zealand at Wiri, Auckland. Once it goes to market it will be available in the Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions, where it will replace ordinary diesel in Z's service stations, truck stops, and bulk deliveries. Read more.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can any car use ZX?

    The cleaning properties of ZX will help keep your car operating at its best.

    However some older cars were designed to use leaded fuel and we recommend that these add an appropriate lead replacement additive.

  • What does the X stand for in ZX?

    X Factor, Xcell, Xcellant, Xtreme performance (you decide).

  • How does ZX protect the engine?

    ZX is formulated to help keep engines free from deposits so they can run at their best.

    The powerful cleaning properties of ZX are able to remove existing engine deposits and therefore help to restore your engine's performance

  • Is ZX suitable for lawn mowers?

    Yes. ZX is suitable for use in all engines that can run on unleaded petrol (and are satisfied by the ZX octane of 95.) ZX is also fine to use in 2-stroke engines.

  • Is ZX suitable for use in motorbikes?

    ZX is perfectly suited for motorbikes.

  • Is ZX suitable for use in boats?

    ZX is suitable for use in all engines designed to run on unleaded fuel.

  • Is ZX suitable for use in aircraft?

    No. ZX is not suitable to use in ANY aircraft. Z Energy recommends that customers use the appropriate aviation fuel for their aircraft.