Z Diesel

The diesel we sell at Z is a premium grade diesel for high-speed engines - both on and off-road.

It performs beautifully under all New Zealand conditions and is especially well suited to engines that perform with wide variations in load and speed. And with more diesel engines on the road, we now have more diesel lanes at 162 of our Z stations.

In especially cold conditions – think a mid-Otago winter – we supply diesel with good cold properties to ensure that the fuel is fit for purpose. This keeps diesel engines purring like kittens even in extreme cold.

About Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel – information for those techo’s out there – you know who you are! 

Until October 2008, most diesel sold in New Zealand had 50 parts per million (ppm) sulphur. But modern diesel engines are designed for diesel of 10ppm sulphur – this is known in the industry as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel – or ULSD if you really want to sound smart.


When the Government passed legislation making 10ppm the new standard, New Zealand vehicle owners could finally enjoy the benefits of modern diesel technology – like the kind delivered by Z Energy Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.