ZX Premium Unleaded

ZX is the premium fuel for Kiwi drivers who want a top quality fuel that helps deliver superior performance. We worked with BASF, one of the world's leading fuel additive manufacturers and selected ZX’s additive specifically for New Zealand driving conditions.

How ZX works

ZX features both a friction modifier and a cleaning additive. The friction modifier helps improve engine efficiency by reducing friction between the cylinder liner and piston rings. The cleaning additive helps remove performance-robbing deposits on the inlet valves, helping improve your car’s responsiveness. Together it helps improve your engine efficiency and overall performance.


The ZX Factor

  • The technical stuff

    ZX is a 95 octane fuel that can be used in any petrol engine that can operate on unleaded 95 octane or lower.*

    *check with the vehicle manufacturer for minimum octane requirements

  • The X in the ZX factor

    The additive in ZX not only cleans, it also has a friction modifier to help improve engine efficiency.

  • Clean up your engine and help keep it clean

    Helps remove power-robbing deposits from engine inlet valves and prevents them from building up.

  • Our premium 95 Octane fuel

    ZX contains a high performance multi-functional additive package selected to meet the demands of NZ motorists and perform in NZ driving conditions.


Burning Valves

Check out the importance of a clean engine with this simple demonstration featuring Hayden Paddon.


Fuels Challenge

Watch kiwi world champion rally driver Hayden Paddon and the Auckland UniServices team put ZX through its paces and find out how it measures up.


Everyday Fuel Efficiency Tips

Using a great petrol like ZX is just one way to help improve efficiency.  Check out some other fuel efficiency tips here.

Frequently asked questions

  • What octane is ZX?

    ZX is a 95 octane premium unleaded petrol.

  • What does the additive in ZX do?

    It helps clean up your cars engine and keep it clean, and it has a friction modifier to help improve engine efficiency.

  • Where does the additive in ZX come from?

    The new additive is supplied by BASF – one of the world’s leading fuel additive manufacturers and is the latest additive technology.

  • How is it different from Z91?

    Apart from the higher octane, ZX has the maximum effective additive dose rate to help improve performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Does Z have a 98 octane fuel?

    No - While there are no immediate plans to bring in a 98 octane fuel we will continue to review our fuels portfolio to ensure it includes the fuels most suitable to the NZ market.

  • How has ZX been tested?

    ZX has been tested by BASF in Germany, by Uniservices here in NZ and we have also run our own fuels challenge trials with Hayden Paddon.