Z20 Carwash Facts

Smart clean, quick smart. Z20 Max Wash takes less than 8 minutes.

We had some of our washes timed (Z Glenn Innes and Z Royal Oak), here are the results:

Quick wash – 4:15

Classic Wash – 6:21

Max Wash – 7:50


65% of the water in a Z20 Max Wash is recycled, making your wash less wasteful.

We’re proud to say that 72% of our car wash sites use water recyclers. Z Glen Innes has a dedicated car wash water metre. This showed us that during a Z20 Max Wash, 171 Litres out of the total 263 Litres of water used gets recycled. Most sites will currently be operating at this level of water recycling.


Worried about your car? Z20 Max Wash brush sensors will make sure your car is safe.

Fear not, your car is in good technological hands. Special sensors on the wash machine scan the vehicle in the wash bay, they locate/activate vehicle wheel cleaning, control brush pressures, drier operation and operate safety mechanisms. These sensors operate the same for all vehicles by creating a map of each car individually.


Z20 Max Wash chemicals are pH neutral, making them gentle on your car.

The pH of our carwash cleaners is pH 8 on average, which is within the neutral classification on the pH scale.  The pHs of the carwash cleaners in “touch free” carwashes are often higher or lower than pH 8 because, unlike ours, they don’t use brushes.  PS.Enviro Choice Accreditation is coming…


Z20 Max Wash can be gentler on your car than handwashing it with a sponge.

The CK Shampoo in the autowash provides lubrication for the brushes against the car and also assists to remove any grit encased in the foam.  This helps prevent scratches and ensure the foam is washed away quickly. We are increasing the foam levels in the new Eco Shampoo so that will increase the lubrication of the brushes, making them even safer.

Our car wash process is better for your car vs handwashing. Despite popular belief, handwashing with bucket and sponge is one of the most damaging ways to wash a vehicle. Surface dirt on the vehicle becomes lodged in the sponge and the action of hand washing causes microscopic scratches, which over time will dull the paint surface and reduce the gloss and shine. The Max Gloss Foam Polish and Buff process on the Max Wash, leaves a protective layer on the cars paintwork that intensifies with each wash and ensures a continuous shine and finish. The Max Gloss Foam Polish fills in small irregularities, while an acrylionic type layer is left behind to protect the paintwork.

The Z wash process uses Orange Active-Foam, which saturates dirt on the vehicle, making it easier to remove. Then we turn on the high-pressure water (to remove most of the dirt), followed by the 2-pass brush wash with shampoo. The SofTecs brush material we use is safe for paint work and surfaces, created from a soft non-porous material which will not collect harmful dirt particles. This material actually enhances the gloss and shine of a vehicle the more you use it.